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Slovakia - a small country located in the heart of Europe with beautiful landscape, vivid history and a rich cultural heritage.

Slovakia is known for its numerous natural hot springs and well-established therapeutic spa treatments. The practice of using natural mineral waters for the prevention and cure of disease has a long history, tracing back to Roman times when mineral waters and hot spring muds were used to help soldiers recuperate from battle injuries. Over the centuries the practice has evolved into a medical specialty - balneology - offering a natural approach to health preservation and healing. Balneology is an important medicinal and cultural tradition in Slovakia. More than 1,200 sources of mineral water springs together with a favorable climate gave rise to a number of golden spa towns around the country. Each spa town is unique. Geological features and tectonic structure of the land characteristic of each town’s region control the temperature and mineral composition of local springs. The physical characteristics and chemical composition of each spring are scientifically analyzed and used to establish medical indications and treatment plans/programs. The healing powers of Slovakia’s geothermal mineral waters have been successfully used in post-operative/post-injury rehabilitation, and to treat various disorders, such as rheumatism, arthritis, neurological, cardiovascular, uro-genital, gastro-enteral, skeletal and skin diseases.

Spa treatment in Slovakia is provided by specialized professionals and is medically supervised. Each aspect of a visitor’s needs and physical condition are discussed and considered in carefully establishing a specific nutrition, active exercise and treatment program, guaranteeing highly individualized and effective care. The traditional 2-3 weeks long medicinal spa treatment programs are today enhanced by a variety of a day spa and beauty services to allow single day, weekend, or one-week-long reconditioning and revitalizing spa treatments.

Cultural and social events are a vivid part of the everyday life in the spa. A selection of indoor and outdoor classical concerts, opera, musicals and jazz concerts, as well as art exhibits and theatre performances are organized throughout the year. The mild climate of central Europe provides ideal conditions for traveling and affords a wide range of outdoor activities.

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